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Detroit Battery Company offers the highest quality batteries ready to deliver to your business or facility. Properly stored in our temperature-controlled warehouse and regularly rotated, our batteries are guaranteed fresh for maximum power, every time.


Whatever your automotive battery needs, we’ve got your covered. The ACDelco Advantage Series fits most cars on the road today. An economic choice, this battery features reliability, performance and an 18-month unlimited warranty. The GSR, Gold, Silver and Red ACDelco batteries deliver maximum performance and reliability. Featuring a break resistant case, extended battery life and up to 42-month limited warranty, APS is the ideal replacement battery for most cars and trucks.

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Marine & Recreational

Go with the best. From large marinas and small boat dealers to RV service centers and more, we deliver quality ACDelco batteries to your facility or business. Shop our vast selection of marine cranking and deep-cycle batteries for recreational crafts, ski boats, fishing vessels, sail boats, yachts and more, including the absorbed-glass mat (AGM) marine battery. 

The choice of many RV service providers, our ACDelco Professional and economical Voyager II series RV and camper batteries feature thermoplastic reinforced plates and corrosion resistant lead/calcium to withstand the demanding pressures of the application.

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Keep going strong. When reliable starting power is a priority, ACDelco batteries are the answer. Whether you operate a factory, warehouse, or large-scale industrial site, we can help keep your business moving with our extensive range of commercial batteries. Designed for durability and long-lasting power, ACDelco heavy duty commercial-grade batteries feature longer life spans, superior performance and durability in hot or cold extreme conditions. If you’re looking for a forklift battery, bobcat battery, backhoe battery or other heavy machine batteries, our expert team of professionals can recommend, supply and delivery them to your site or business.

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Never say die. Whether you’re a golf club owner, new or used golf cart dealer, motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV repair shop, we are your number-one source for batteries in Michigan.  

Engineered to handle rough environments, ACDelco golf cart and utility batteries are designed to deliver the same dependable service as ACDelco automotive and marine batteries. 

Available in many popular sizes, we also carry a  comprehensive line of absorbed-glass matt (AGM) and conventional power sport batteries that meet or exceed original manufactured (OM) specifications.  

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Prepare for the unexpected. Detroit Battery is your number-one supplier of long-lasting bulk Duracell® AA-9V and Energizer® watch batteries. We provide delivery to hospitals, schools, churches, police stations, TV/radio stations and more. Our batteries are always fresh and come in 72, 100, and 144 count cases.

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