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Detroit Battery Company is the only single-line, battery-only distributor in the entire North American ACDelco Distribution Network. We were selected for our experience and knowledge of the wholesale battery business, supported by a combined employee experience in excess of 100 years in the parts business. The combination of our experience, coupled with the industry-leading quality of the ACDelco battery brand, makes Detroit Battery Company a true leader in the warehousing and distribution of the full line of ACDelco batteries.

Your Leading ACDelco Battery Distributor

From our fleet of late-model vehicles that are on the road daily delivering batteries to all types of customers, to the large inventory at our warehouse in Troy Michigan, Detroit Battery is recognized as the experts in the battery business. Pride is taken in our process that assures customers are receiving the correct battery for the specific application, and that you are receiving the freshest product available.

At Detroit Battery, we set ourselves apart from competitors by offering the best in:

  • Product offering and quality
  • Warranty coverage
  • Stock rotation
  • Overall customer service
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ACDelco Battery Warranty Coverage That Works for You

Detroit Battery offers customers a choice of ACDelco automotive batteries when it comes to warranty coverage.

  • ACDelco Gold line offers a 42-month free replacement.
  • ACDelco Silver line offers a 30-month free replacement.
  • ACDelco Professional Red line and Advantage line both offer an 18-month free replacement for more cost-conscious customers.

In addition to automotive batteries, Detroit Battery has a full line offering of batteries for almost any type of application, including: marine and recreation; commercial, and powersports, each offering a competitive warranty period.

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